Walking to lose weight

People need to realize that the best and cheapest way to stay healthy is to walk at a brisk pace. It must be done over a distance of 4-5 km and daily for at least half an hour.

This method can be applied without any device is suitable for all ages: from children from 4 or 5 years (before getting tired) to people who have even turned eighty. Therefore, today we decided to offer a few keys, so that you do not do it at random and always know what the benefits are.

     In this article, I will give you some ideas before you start going to lose weight. These will help you achieve your goals:

  • First of all, people need to be very ambitious and choose an hour that they can go to almost every day. I recommend it done in the early hours of the morning.
  • Another very good tip is to try to go to places that are not too crowded with a lot of traffic and pollution.
  • While doing this, you can listen to your favorite music or go with a nice company, which can be a pet.
  • Dress in comfortable clothes that you can take off in layers once you have reached a state of sweat or warmth. It doesn’t have to be for sports, but it has to be made of breathable cotton. Take off your jeans.
  • The sneakers you wear must be very light. I recommend that you select a model that is suitable for running, even if you do not reach that speed, than those designed only for the gym.
  • Liquids are very important, so you must have water with you
  • Don’t go out without eating. Of course, without going overboard, it’s about walking to lose weight. If you go out first thing in the morning, have a light breakfast with whole grains, skim milk, and natural fruits. Eliminate the sugar we follow in our diet.

Once everything is ready and selected, you must have at least half an hour for the exercise to begin to take effect. If it’s an hour or a little longer, much better. If you can’t at first, slow down, but keep in mind that you need to reach a speed of just under 6 km / h on flat ground.

If you choose to go to places with slopes, your speed must be somewhere at 6 km / h, if you want to lose weight. You can calculate the speed based on the chosen distance (Google Maps gives you the exact meters from different points) and travel time.

With these parameters, you will warm up, sweat, and start burning calories. If you can’t get that temperature rise sensation, you won’t reach your goal of losing weight.