Basic tips for firm breasts

     Factors that help your breasts stay firm. The human body is modified by many factors throughout human life. In women, the most affected area is that of the breasts. The change in breast shape is due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, and diets. Due to these factors, the breasts lose their elasticity. In order to benefit from firm breasts, you need to consider the following tips and be consistent in the use of remedies and exercise practice.

Tips for having firm breasts. In order to benefit from some firm breasts you have to consider the following tips, as they give very good results:

  • doing daily physical exercises. This is a very important aspect because they restore the tone of the chest muscles. Try to find a specialist in this case.
  •  use natural oils, as they have a great contribution to the elasticity, hydration, and regeneration of the active ingredients. All this helps the breasts regain their firmness and elasticity.
  •  try to avoid diets that have a lot of fats and sugars in their composition. Also to be avoided are the diets that make us lose weight very quickly.

     Recommended natural products are:

  •  argan or sweet almond oils
  •  geranium, rosemary, myrrh, sandalwood, and carrot oils
  • pure oil extracted from roses
  • carrot oils have a very high vitamin contribution to the skin in the anti-aging process
  • A. E. Geranium: at the cosmetic level it has a toning, strengthening and regenerating effect on the skin
  • A. E. Sandalwood: regenerates. Rejuvenates cracked and dry skin. It is a good wrinkle and a gentle astringent.

 To have firm breasts when you are pregnant, use the following recipe: mix 50 ml of organic argan oil + 50 ml of 100% pure rose oil, then add 60 drops in total essential oils.

These 60 drops of essential oils are prepared as follows:

  • 15 drops of A.E. Geranium.
  • 15 drops of A.E. Romero.
  • 15 drops of A.E. Mirra.
  • 10 drops of A.E. Sandalwood.
  •  5 drops of A.E. Carrot.

     How to apply?

This composition mixes very well, then it must be applied at least 2 times a day. Its application is done with the help of a gentle circular massage, always avoiding the nipple area due to its hypersensitivity.

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