Tantra Yoga, the control of energies

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This name of Yoga represents an important branch in this sport because it deals with focusing on the practice of techniques and teachings, these having the role of serving to control and use all energies in a lucid and conscious way.

This Tantra name is of Sanskrit origin and has many meanings. “Tanot” can be defined as “extension”, “liberation”, and “Tantra” is defined as “tissue, essential arts, characteristic feature, frame, doctrine, rule”. Besides this definition, the name “Tantra” also means “continuity”; Tantra is then “the one that extends the wisdom” of life. For Tantra, Nature and everything that is alive have a sacred character and deserve our love and respect. The tantric is, therefore, a lover of life.

Besides all these descriptions, “Tantra” is also based on the belief that spiritual reality and teaches that permanent enlightenment (Bodhi) or liberation (moksha) can be obtained by remaining in the physical state. In order to come to understand all these things, you must practice these techniques, because they have the role of awakening your consciousness in your daily life.

     Yoga Tantra Practice

To access Tantra safely, prior work must have been performed in dualistic disciplines in other yogas such as Hatha, Raja, Bhakti or Karma, which are the preparation for the awakening of Kundalini, with which Tantra Yoga deals directly.

Besides these tips, it is very important to consider: the nutrition, the position of the body in practicing this technique, the breathing, the imagination guided in the visualization that supports the intention, the healing rituals offered, etc. Other symbolic elements offered by this technique are incense, flowers, fire, etc.

The most important automatism that investigates Tantra yoga is breathing. Breathing is done in several ways, and these are: breathing through the nose called pranayama and breathing through the mouth. These 2 breaths must alternate until you understand how each time our respiratory impulse appears the entire universe does nothing but renew itself.

In this tantric, the woman represents the goddess and teacher par excellence, and the man is responsible for giving her the proper respect and treatment. The woman before the man is Prakriti or the primordial Nature and through it, the man recovers the Consciousness and the value of his Presence, Shiva which thus honors the woman.

     As a final point, a great deal of attention must be the following:

Tantra does not represent “sexology” and for this reason, we should not approach Tantra yoga with the expectation of sexuality only. Sexuality is in Tantra yoga but as a spiritual path to personal self-realization. This technique is contrary to defilement and pornography and does not justify hedonistic or morbid actions, but the intelligent observation and acceptance of the human being. The body must be as divine as the soul because everything comes from the same thing … source.

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