Alternatives for skin renewal that smooth facial wrinkles


Skin renewal is done through 2 therapies: soft therapy, which offers moderate results and has a minimal risk; drastic therapy that produces more pronounced and lasting benefits, but the risks, discomfort, and recovery time are greater. Due to the development of current technology and working techniques, the equation is beginning to change, which is less harmful and offers very good results for removing wrinkles.

     In this article, I will recommend some alternatives. These are:

  • Laser renewal without injuries (non-abrasive). Few people know that the thermal energy from the laser damages the collagen under the skin and stimulates the growth of new collagen, stretching the base skin and improving the tone and appearance of the skin. This method will require several treatments. A topical substance can be applied to cushion the skin and control pain, although nothing can be needed. After this procedure, the skin of the patients may become red or temporarily swollen, but the patients can resume normal activities immediately.
  • Laser renewal of the wound (abrasive). In this intervention, the laser destroys the epidermis or the outer layer of the skin and warms the basic dermis. This intervention destroys the old collagen and gives birth to a new one. This procedure is performed at a surgical site. In general, this operation requires only local anesthesia. After the completion of this procedure, the skin will appear raw and swollen, itchy, and sore. Recovery at home can take between one and two weeks, but the results take many years and are often drastic.
  • Fractional laser renewal. The laser of this technique may be the same as that of non-abrasive refurbishment, abrasive technologies, or other lasers, but unlike others, it destroys the skin in thin columns and at short distances, rather than in large areas. This method serves the speed of recovery. The results are generally as good as refurbishing the fractional laser, although more treatments may be needed to achieve them.
  • Chemical shell. This has the role of destroying the outer layers of the skin. In many cases, the results are proportional to the depth of treatment. The recovery time of the deep ones is much longer, somewhere in 2 weeks, and the patient should stay at home.
  • Dermal abrasion. In this operation, you will need a small device with an abrasive wheel or a brush to remove the outer layers of the skin. When the skin regenerates, it will be much smoother and younger. This procedure is generally applied in a surgical place and it may be necessary to numb the skin. The recovery time depends on the length of the procedure.