Could a lot of sexual activity protect the prostate?

The sexual activity and the prostate – Although promiscuity is not recommended for healthy sexual health, a study has shown that men who have had sex with more than 20 partners in their lives have a 28% lower risk of prostate cancer than those who have had prostate cancer. only one partner.

I recommend that you take care and not start looking for more women to have sex with, as the study is preliminary, and experts warn that the protective effect is due more to the frequency of ejaculations and not to the variety of partners. Ejaculation determines the concentration of cancer-causing substances in the prostate fluid.

This experiment was done on about 3,000 men in Montreal. They answered a comprehensive questionnaire about their sex life and other aspects of their lives. More than half of these people were diagnosed with prostate cancer between 2005 and 2009, while the rest were healthy.

Men who have confirmed that they have not had sex will be more likely to develop prostate cancer compared to those who have had regular sex. Men who are gay will have a higher risk of cancer, in short, the existence of more than 20 male partners in life doubled the risk of prostate cancer, compared to men who said they had never had sex with another man.

The high level of protection against cancer is due to people having more sex with different women. Men, aged 9-11 had an eleven percent lower risk of developing prostate cancer, compared with a 28% lower risk of men who said they had more than 20 sexual partners. Those who had more than 20 women were 32 percent smaller than having aggressive tumors.

This study was designed to demonstrate that active sex life with frequent ejaculation, especially in women, can be beneficial and can prevent prostate cancer.

In conclusion, for more information, I recommend that you go to your doctor for more details about your prostate health. If you are over 50, it is important for your doctor to have a rectal exam to detect any anomalies that may occur over time.

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