How to avoid repeating cucumber

    Cucumber is a vegetable that has enough potassium, due to the presence of bitter substances on its skin. Because of these bitter substances, you may suffer from irritation of the intestinal walls.

Once people learn how to use these tricks, they will be able to enjoy a good amount of potassium and which is ideal to consume on hot summer days.

To benefit from all their qualities, you must choose cucumbers as young as possible. Cucumbers are very refreshing, ideal for summer salads, and also give us a good amount of nutrients.

In this article I will tell you some tips to know how to enjoy this wonderful vegetable without causing us discomfort:

  • As I told you above, the bitter substances are in the peel of cucumbers, so I recommend you peel them before consuming them. If they are fragile, you can eat them with your skin without creating problems.
  • If we eat it without salt or vinegar, cucumbers are more likely not to repeat.
  • In order not to suffer from certain problems, I recommend that you cut the tip of the cucumber’s back and rub the two cut parts until a whitish liquid comes out.
  • It is very important that the cucumbers we buy are fresh and tender. We must avoid choosing the ones that are soft and completely eliminate the ones that start to turn yellow (it is a sign that they are old and they are more likely to be more indigestible and therefore more repetitive).
  • Some people say that the 2 ends of the cucumber and clean it for a few hours in cold water and salt or with cold water and a splash of vinegar, then it is washed, dried and ready to eat, without danger of repeating it.
  • Another very good recipe is the following: peel the cucumber, cut it into slices, then add salt, and put a plate on top with something that weighs a lot. After ten minutes, strain it (strain it with your fingers) and drain the juice.