Properties of omega 9 for your body

Omega 9 represents the unsaturated fats of the monounsaturated type. Its name comes from the double bond of the ninth carbon. Omega 9 is an essential fatty acid, which is why it is very different from omega 3 and 6. The human body can synthesize it much better than omega 3 or 6.

Omega 9 properties are as follows:

  • is used and beneficial for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes. Specialists have shown that they have the role of increasing HDL (“good” cholesterol) and lower LDL (“bad” cholesterol). This is why it favors the elimination of platelets in the arterial walls, which can be the cause of heart attacks and cardiovascular accidents.
  • high blood pressure, diastolic and systolic hypertension will be significantly reduced
  • aurol to protect the red blood cell membranes (red blood cells) and have anti-inflammatory effects
  • besides all these benefits it helps us to take care of our skin both inside and outside.
  • people can choose certain sources of omega 9, they can be rich in vitamin E and polyphenols, and can be taken from olive oil. This is to help the skin recover if it is inflamed and the healing processes will be accelerated.
  • and the fragility of the hair is treated with the help of omega 9 properties

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