What are the properties of honey and what does it give us?

Honey is made by bees. Its origin is made after collecting nectar from flowers. Then they deposit the honey in the honeycomb cells, cover it with wax to keep it and it is, together with the pollen, the basic food of the whole hive.

Thousands of years ago, people started consuming honey because they realized that it is a food that provides energy and helps them feel much better. Due to the calories that honey offers to people, specialists recommend that it be consumed in moderation. It is an excellent substitute for sugar.

The honey recommended by specialists is the one obtained by manual spinning and it is never heated above 45 ° C. It seems to be thicker and it’s color and texture may be irregular. Its texture will be the following: more liquid in summer and thicker in winter.

Depending on the food the bees consume, the color will be different. Some plants will give lighter honey (orange blossom, acacia, rosemary, etc.) and darker ones (thyme, oak, etc.).

Its benefits differ from one to another, because they are obtained from one plant or another will give it some of its medicinal benefits and a particular color and texture.

Properties of honey are as follows:

  • this is an excellent preservative for different foods. Honey, in fact, is never broken or moldy.
  • doctors recommend people consume honey instead of sugar. In conclusion, it is an excellent replacement for it.
  • ideal food supplement for people with significant energy needs (growing children, convalescents, sportsmen, etc.).
  • although few people know, honey is used as a disinfectant for wounds and promotes their healing.
  • another property of honey is that it soothes the cough and has an expectorant effect.
  • due to the enzymes in its composition, they aid the digestion of humans

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