Nutritional myths

    The first myth is: eating food after a certain time will cause you to gain weight.

     This is the first myth in this article that I want to debate, because many people avoid certain foods, such as carbohydrates, do not eat fruit or they do not eat at night because they are afraid that their body will not be able to burn the calories they consume and this will cause them to gain weight. All this is not true, because if you consume the calories that the body needs to stay in shape, there will be no weight gain. Specialists say that the last meal consumed should be 2 hours before going to sleep, but it has nothing to do with weight gain, but rather with digestion and quality of sleep. It is not about the time in which intakes are made, but about the total number of kcal.

     The second myth is that all calories are the same because all foods are processed and digested differently.

     Due to the number of calories, its composition is very different. For example, on a diet of 2,000 kcal composed of fruits, vegetables, legumes, good quality protein, nuts … will give us energy, vitamins, minerals, satiety during the day , will keep the glucose level stable, will make us feel good and will also help prevent certain diseases. On the contrary, another diet of 2,000 kcal, but which consists of processed foods such as fast food , fried, foods rich in salt and sugar, will make us feel without energy, tired, with an imbalance of glucose levels, with cravings to eat something sugary … and instead of preventing disease will be the opposite, the risk of getting sick will increase.

     Myth number 3 is that you can not reduce body fat only in a certain area of the body, because it is completely lost and you can not choose where you will lose it.

     Doing sessions will not help you lose belly fat, but it will rather strengthen your abdominal muscles. To eliminate this problem, I recommend that you enjoy healthy habits, such as a good diet, cardiovascular exercise, endurance exercise and drinking an adequate amount of water, but fat loss will be common and therefore fat level. abdominal pain will also be reduced

     Myth number 4 is that people should eat 5 meals a day because they will speed up the metabolism.

     The fourth of the nutritional myths we will discuss is that five meals a day speeds up the metabolism. Frequent eating will bring certain benefits, such as would, for example, prevent you from reaching the next meal very hungry and therefore eat more and gain weight, in some people is a good strategy, it can also help you maintain a glucose stable level and avoid unnecessary spikes

     The last myth in this article is that eggs increase cholesterol in the body.

     Many people believe that eating eggs will increase bad cholesterol (LDL), and this was one of the nutritional myths that were widely heard a few years ago, but fortunately has already been rejected. This myth is related to the yolk. Researchers say that it has many benefits for the body, and that people should not worry about its negative effects, because there is no reason not to eat, it contains minerals, vitamins, carotenoids, choline, folic acid, selenium, phosphorus. … is very completely nutritional.