Mouth care with natural remedies

    The mouths of humans and animals are the first organ of the digestive system. In addition to this, it is also a set of pieces that we show on the outside every time we talk and laugh and is completely exposed to any damage or aggression.

People need to realize that their lips, teeth, tongue, or gums can suffer from certain problems that, if left unresolved, can affect our health.

Therefore, visiting the dentist from time to time is one of the best decisions we can make, but we also pay special attention to the care of all parts of our mouth to avoid further harm.

Nowadays, there are many medicinal plants and natural remedies on the market, which have the role of taking care of your mouth. The most natural dental hygiene to enjoy a clean and healthy mouth, we offer a list of natural remedies ideal for mouth care.

     In this article, I will recommend some natural products that help you take care of your mouth. Some options that can be very useful for daily oral hygiene are the following:

  • Clay and sea salt. To benefit from a natural toothpaste, which is very useful for cleaning and whitening teeth, I recommend mixing a tablespoon of sea salt and fine green clay in half a glass of warm water until you get consistency. semi-solid and without lumps. In order to keep it in optimal conditions, I recommend that you keep it in a sealed glass jar in the refrigerator that we use as a daily toothpaste. To make it more disinfectant, we make it with thyme infusion or add 20 drops of Echinacea extract.
  • Salvia is considered by experts to be a plant with many properties for disinfecting and activating the blood supply to the gums. Its role is to eliminate infections, soothe inflamed membranes, and mucous membranes. People can also use it as a mouthwash in case of inflamed and sensitive gums or mouth ulcers. Sage is ideal for mouth care. The infusion of leaves boiled for 15 minutes, 1 drop of essential oil added to the toothbrush, or two drops in a glass of water to rinse.
  • Cloves and cinnamon. The essential oils of these two exotic plants are the most effective natural remedy for a toothache or toothache because they soothe the pain and prevent infection. Two drops are used (one from each plant) and with the help of a cotton bud or finger, the teeth are washed two or three times a day.
  • Tea tree oil comes from Australia and is considered a very good antiseptic. It is used to cure canker sores, ulcers, phlegmonies, and fungi on the oral mucosa. To have a positive effect, it should be applied directly or in the form of rinsing one to three times a day, using two drops of essential oil each time.