Minimalism: the benefit of having less

Minimalism as a way of life. It is based on the proverb “less is more”. This theory is based on the idea that it is necessary to eliminate what is not necessary to enjoy a full life, that is to say, well-being means to get rid of what binds us and not it allows us to evolve as humans.

Save by spending less.  This is not about not spending money, but about buying what you need. The analysis of unnecessary expenses is very important to carry out this project, in addition it will contribute to our financial freedom.

Less stress. Simplicity is very beneficial in combating stress and it will positively influence our mood, which is why we have to make as few and simpler decisions as possible. If we take these tips into account, we can rest better and our well-being will increase, as will our quality of life. Besides all this we will save time and effort, cleaning and order. All the time we can dedicate it to other needs.

You will contribute to the environment and you will not have ties. Changing our consumption habits will not only save and operate for our economic freedom, but will take care of Nature by reducing the impact of garbage on our planet. If we take into account the above advice we can live anywhere and we can move freely.

It improves relationships and removes ties. If we detach ourselves from useless objects, we will have more time to focus on improving relationships with our environment. We will think more about how to accumulate experience in this field. Some useless objects bind us to the past and this will not allow us to evolve.

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