Accelerate the metabolism to lose weight

What is metabolism?

It represents a set of biochemical processes that occur in the cells of the human body and convert nutrients from food into the energy needed for the human body to perform all vital functions. These vital functions are breathing, digestion, etc.

How can we speed up our metabolism? How can we burn more calories?

To get rid of extra pounds, you need to exercise. These help your metabolism burn more calories even when you sleep, breathe, etc. You have to keep in mind that each person has a different metabolism. That is why there may be 2 people performing the same action and one is spending more calories than the other. In this case, one will have a more active metabolism compared to the other person.

Ways to increase metabolism:

  • a good way is to increase muscle mass, it is fat because it will use more energy at rest, which is why it is important to increase muscle mass.
  •  when you start training your hormones, you will benefit from weight loss because there are calories that you consume during your workout.
  • increase physical activity. These are: walking, climbing stairs, going to the fitness room, etc. These have the role of keeping you active during the day and your metabolism will increase. A very good way to lose body fat is to take about 10,000 – 15,000 steps each day, so a significant amount of energy will be spent.
  •  another way to increase metabolism is to eat whole foods, such as fruit. With the help of apple, your body will consume much more calories to digest it if it is whole, in comparison, if it is liquid, such as In a juice. The foods you need to eat every day must be whole and at the same time quality.
  •  try as much as possible not to consume processed foods of poor quality, because the human body assimilates them differently.
  •  foods rich in protein, both animal and vegetable, should be consumed.
  •  fluid consumption is very important for the human body. Water is the only liquid to be consumed.
  •  rest is equally important for human health because the human body is restored through the rest cycle. The part of the brain that controls sleep is responsible for metabolism. When sleep is calm and sufficient, the body secretes a hormone, called Ghrelin. This hormone is known as the “hunger hormone” and is responsible for consuming high-calorie foods

In conclusion, it is very important to speed up your metabolism and to lose weight. I recommend that you work out, increase muscle mass and stay active all day. In addition to these tips, I also recommend that you have a healthy diet, complete and quality foods, protein intake, drinking water and rest. In short, improve the quality of life to make you feel happier and in good health.

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