Is it true that eating fruit makes you fat?

Today we find many myths related to the question of whether we should eat fattening fruits. The real truth to this question is that no because eating fruit as a dessert after lunch or after dinner causes the fructose of the fruit to mix with protein and carbohydrates and, consequently, the metabolism (burning of food) is slower.

If we add to this the fact that the person may have gastric discomfort, the sensation will be much worse. From this, we draw the conclusion that fruits always have the same calories, no matter when we consume them, so they do not have the role of weight, but they can make us feel harder.

In very rare cases, in which the person eats only fruits, they can get fat, because the body will not be able to metabolize this high contribution of fructose. I recommend you do cardiovascular exercises if you want to have unpleasant surprises. It is worth remembering that fruit consumption does not lose weight. The only food with 0 calories is water.

Before giving you tips on how to eat fruits and vegetables, I will tell you what to eat 5 times a day. You will have to leave between 2 and 4 hours between meals and it is important not to starve to the next intake.

When should fruit be consumed? So, as I told you, they are not fattening, but just that it is very important to separate the fruits from the main meals of the day, such as lunch and dinner. If we avoid the function of sponge that appears when we mix fruits with carbohydrates or proteins, the metabolism will be faster and the body will benefit more from the contributions of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Fruits should be eaten at breakfast, mid-morning or when we want to taste something. It will be enough for an adult to drink three or four pieces of fruit a day. Keep in mind that as we age, our metabolism changes and that each time we need a lower caloric intake.

When should we eat vegetables? I recommend eating vegetables at dinner, as this is the most appropriate period for cooked vegetables (either microwave, cooked, cooked, cooked, or cooked). In order to have quick digestion, the vegetable must be cooked. This will help us fall asleep. Salads (raw vegetables) are best taken at lunch.

It is very important to know that the consumption of fruit fats and salads will increase their consumption during the summer and decrease it in winter. You should not forget that these are refreshing foods and in winter we are looking for food, besides the fact that it feeds us with heat.

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