Food to increase muscle mass

The most important for a well-developed muscle mass is nutrition. Your diet should provide enough “fuel” to perform certain exercises and enough nutrients to increase muscle mass.

Increased intake should control the fattiest foods, but the amount of fat should not exceed 30% of the ingested energy. For a proper diet, the protein consumed should be 1-1.5 g / kg weight. This protein recommendation is enough to gain muscle mass. Muscle mass is obtained gradually and steadily. In the case of bodybuilding, the amount of protein should be increased.

Besides, you should not forget about the contribution of carbohydrates, because they represent the fuel of muscles. If you do not consume enough of the muscle glycogen, you will reach muscle failure and therefore physical training. The percentage of carbohydrates should be between 45 and 65% of the energy of the diet.

What you need to know from the beginning is that for proper muscle mass, your diet must vary between foods to ensure the supply of vitamins and minerals, the nutrients must provide these micronutrients, including fruits and vegetables. Supplements should not replace the supply of nutrients from a varied diet.

Just as important as nutrition is hydration, as liquids are also very important. The appropriate amount of liquids is 1 l water, at 1000 Kcal. Before starting exercises, keep hydrated (between 250 ml and 500 ml liquid). Hydration should be done before, during and after training. Isotonic drinks are useful for replenishing minerals that are lost through perspiration during exercise.

     Basic tips for increasing muscle mass:

  •  for a well-developed muscle mass, you will need five meals a day: 3 meals with a larger amount of food and 2 smaller meals (lunch and snack).
  •  very important is not to skip the tables, because if you skip a table, you will be much hungrier at the next table before and after going to the gym it is important to control your food intake, a nutritionist’s diet helps plan nutrient needs before and after exercise for a specific workout.
  • proteins are very important because they are not of the same quality. Proteins in food are made up of amino acids. I advise you to choose lean meat (such as chicken and turkey), fish, whites and skim milk
  •  sleep is beneficial for increasing muscle mass. For a proper rest, you will need 8 hours of sleep. When a man is asleep, our body rests and regenerates. If there is insufficient or poor sleep, we will not get the same results.

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