How to eliminate fears and anxiety

Fear is an alert reaction when we are in a dangerous circumstance, that is, a survival response, which puts us in safety and makes us avoid danger. You must know that fear can occur and without any real danger, it can only be in our thinking and it can provoke a reaction that blocks us.

That is why I recommend you avoid these situations, because fear has the role of limiting human life, by the simple fact that it makes us suffer even when we only think about it, without experiencing that problem.

Anxiety is fear of fear, meaning that it occurs when we are afraid that fear will block us, we are already blocked or, similarly, we have anxiety. It most often occurs because of childhood traumatic experiences, deficiencies and subconscious content throughout life.

To get rid of phobias, anxiety, and fear, I recommend finding a solution for hidden subconscious emotions. It is necessary to eliminate the causes that have generated it, and for this elimination, you will have to call a professional psychologist, because it has the role to help you discover the frameworks of your mind and their emotional experiences.

     Anxiety and fear can also be eliminated by:

  • observation of thoughts related to fear. These can be eliminated with the help of their analysis
  • try to place a greater emphasis on visualizing the goal and the situation you are afraid of, imagine that you overcome fear and overcome it positively
  • solve the guilt, anger, insecurity, and resentment, sometimes hidden or subconscious, taking great weight from us and therefore we can live without tasks
  • give yourself more confidence, because it has the role to get rid of these 2 problems
  • once the coping has been obtained, repeat the approach again to generate more self-efficacy

In conclusion, anxiety, fears, and phobias represent negative thoughts, feelings of sadness, despair, frustration and incompetence. Besides all these problems they can develop the following health problems: dizziness, tachycardia, chest pressure, nausea. That is why I recommend that you face these problems in order to get rid of them. The more we avoid what we fear, the more fear we generate. Anxiety increases if we do not treat it, and treating it means learning strategies and guidelines to successfully deal with dreaded situations.

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