The real effectiveness of caviar cream

Caviar plays a very important role in the fight against wrinkles. The creams that have in their composition the caviar have started to be more and more appreciated, because the sturgeon seems to have many benefits for the skin, due to its moisturizing, restorative and revitalizing properties.

In this article, I will tell you the effects of caviar cream, against wrinkles and skin in general, in the opinion of its suppliers, but independent experts say things like this:

  • in the opinion of Dr. Ricardo Ruiz Rodríguez, the head of the dermatology unit at Ruber Clinic and director of the International Dermatological Clinic, the anti-aging creams of today have something in common with the creams of many years ago. That thing in common is their minimum efficiency. In his opinion, the best molecule cream to improve skin quality is still retinoic acid. This acid is over 21 years old, but what has improved lately is the texture, quality, and stability of these products. After his research, their effectiveness against escaping, wrinkles or stitches, remains minimal. “
  •  Dr. Julián Conejo-Mir, during his presidency at the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, said the following thing: be absorbed through the skin, it is pure marketing. ”Also supported by Dr. Mª Paz Cerdá, an expert in psycho-dermatology, and by Dr. Pedro Jaén, coordinator of the cosmetics group of the academy.

The second opinion was said, in a press conference with the intention to warn the dangers and “myths” of the aesthetics on our skin and dermatological products. It does not matter whether it is wrinkle caviar cream or snake venom or any other miracle of nature or science to lose years.

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