Tips for a well-developed muscle mass

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There are many sports supplements on the market today with the role of increasing muscle mass. They can be consumed in the form of beverages, shakes or gels. All these foods are used to contribute as nutrients before and after exercise. I recommend that you do not overuse these products because the balanced diet is the most important.

A balanced diet and healthy habits are vital for increasing muscle mass. I advise you not to be impressed by ads that promise spectacular results without effort, as these are just fake ads. A well-developed muscle mass is achieved with a good diet and maximum effort in the room.

     What are the supplements to gain muscle mass?

In addition to a proper diet, you will also need supplements that are essentially substances present in the body. For the same reason there are products that have a label that says “natural”, but they can be dangerous if they abuse them. Certain products are only used by bodybuilders to remove excess fat faster and to hypertrophy the muscles. First, we must distinguish between:

* supplements to gain muscle mass itself. The most used products are creatine and ribose. Creatine causes the human muscle to grow in volume and gives more power to athletes. Ribose has the role of developing the muscles of beginners very quickly. Glutamine, an amino acid, is also in high demand and is used as an antioxidant. All these products are legal on the market.

* anabolic steroids. They should benefit from an androgenic label, in relation to testosterone. This type of steroid is prohibited because it is very dangerous, but it is still used under the label of supplements for athletes.

* prohormones. They have the role of increasing hormones in the body (testosterone). Prohormones are used in medicine today, for certain purposes. For sports purposes, they are forbidden.

     The side effects of creatine and ribose are:

* with the use of creatine, people gain weight

* some people have had the following problems: vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and nausea

* when you decide to eliminate creatine from your diet, the muscle will become much softer because the fat around it has disappeared.

* for the ribose there have not been enough tests, so you can face any disorder unknown today

* side effects of ribose can be nausea and diarrhea

* besides nausea and diarrhea you may also face: temporary, dizziness, headache and dislocation.

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