How do you know if you are deficient in vitamin D ?

     If you want to check if you have vitamin D deficiency, you need to go and measure your 25 (OH) D level in your blood. Performing this test (vitamin D test) is the only exact way to know if you are or not. with deficit. The level is indicated in units of g / ml in the USA and in Spain in units of nmol / l.

     If you live in the southern parts of the country, you can benefit from abundant light most of the year, and because of this it will be very difficult to have a deficiency of this vitamin, another thing is the places where it is always cloudy. In this case, supplements (especially cod liver) should be part of the daily diet.

     However, regardless of your location, write the following foods. These are the 10 foods richest in vitamin D:

  • Eels and spirals. These 2 are the best option, because they have in its composition 110 mcg per 100 grams of portion without scratches or skin. A ration covers the needs for a month. They are foods rich in vitamin D or Calciferol to be included in the diet.
  • Another very good choice is the tuna, because thanks to it you can benefit from 25 mcg and other micronutrients essential for good health. Vitamin D is not lost in cans and preserves.
  • It has 22 mcg, an amount that doubles in the case of dry, salty or smoked pieces. This humble fish, linked to the traditional diet of the poor population, returns to our pantries for its undeniable nutritional qualities.
  • People need to know that a whole egg has only 1.8 mcg per 100 grams of product, this amount increases to 6 mcg in the case of yolk.
  • Salmon and Bonitos. Another good option with 20 mcg.
  • The fish of the Mediterranean has in its composition 16 mcg. These are mackerel or chicharro. Foods rich in vitamin D or calciferol that will not affect our economy.
  • Fresh or canned, in any form, they are around 7 mcg.
  • Dairy products. Of the dairy products, only aged cheeses have significant amounts that never exceed 0.30 mcg.
  • You have similar amounts, 0.80 mcg, unless it is enriched, which is very normal in these products.
  • The last tip in this article is that a tablespoon of cocoa provides 0.25 mcg, another excuse to enjoy this delicious product and not deny it to children.