People need to understand that all living things are governed by biological rhythms 24 hours a day. They are regulated by environmental parameters, such as light, temperature, and so on. and guides the body to secrete hormones involved in metabolism, such as insulin, glucagon, growth hormone and cortisol, which cause physiological responses in organisms such as sleep, hunger, etc.

     The definition of chronutrition is the philosophy that links biological rhythms to the effects of food on our body and is committed to obtaining food patterns in accordance with these biological rhythms. predisposes the body to suffer from certain diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, cancer or premature aging.

     Experts recommend this method as a weight loss, but the truth is that if the concept is analyzed in depth, it goes further, because it is about eating respecting the natural rhythms of our body, so that the amount and type of food is adjusted. permanently. of the day to optimize the assimilation of nutrients and keep us healthy.

     In short, “when” we eat we must pay attention to “what” we eat.

     The nutritional keys of chronutrience would be:

  • When you eat breakfast, you need to have the highest carbohydrate intake and include protein. People need to understand that this is the most important meal of the day, and they need to provide maximum nutrients to our body.
  • Experts recommend that people include something sweet in their diet in the afternoon, because then there is a higher relative resistance to insulin, as long as it is of good quality and within the caloric limit we need.
  • Fats, always of good quality, can be ingested throughout the day in the required amount.
  • Dinner should be light, except that recovery and extra nutritional intake are necessary due to intense exercise. Give priority to foods high in tryptophan protein, such as bananas, nuts, white meat, fish or eggs, as they promote melatonin production, which induces sleep and therefore promotes rest.
  • When eating dinner, you must keep in mind that it must be taken as early as possible, because after eating it, you should not go straight to bed, because you must ensure complete digestion, otherwise because during rest the body does not need energy. , will store it in the form of fat and there will be no rest. optimum.
  • It is important to sleep 7-8 hours a night and stay active during the day. Avoid physical activity at least two hours before bedtime and sleep in the dark.
  • Skipping breakfast, having dinner late or too much and not getting enough sleep, interferes with our biological rhythms, producing endocrine changes and altering the regulation of food intake, causing a greater appetite for energy-rich foods, excessive energy consumption. cause lack of sleep and rest and adversely affects the metabolism of glucose and lipids.