Bioenergetics is a therapeutic technique that is based on energy in the body.

Its purpose is to understand our inner conflicts. In our effective family experiences are the foundations of our learning, where we feel, express, and establish our relationships with each other.

Existing feelings (love, sadness, anger), conflicts experienced (desire, repression …), losses suffered (abandonments, duels, separations …), ie the quality of emotional relationships experienced at that time. , determines the person we are today.

As you know, people’s lives are engraved on their bodies, so life must be free from old fears and tensions, in order to be closer to our emotions, thus allowing us to feel and act free and original.

This technique has the role of acting on our body and spirit, using the following exercises: breathing (relaxation/stimulation), energy exercises (loading/unloading), muscle exercises (promoting expression). Bioenergetics has as its place of action a single space, thus respecting the rhythm and history of each person and works fundamentally in a climate of trust and empathy in the therapist/client relationship.

This must be done in several sessions, initially weekly, where the content of our experiences, more or less traumatic, is brought, through a process of energy-body, to be experienced and expressed in their true feelings, to be able to be analyzed and finally integrated. in a coherent, true, and meaningful biography.

Bioenergetics can be useful if we have the following problems: drugs, alcohol, trauma from accidents, or eating problems.

Its role is to make people feel much better, as if they have regained their lost freedom, it also acts on the expression of the body and helps to express feelings more easily.