Advantages of body mesotherapy

     Few people know that this therapy is a technique by which we administer small doses of a drug, either allopathic or homeopathic, by injecting it into the skin to a depth of about 4 mm. Mesotherapy has become very widespread in Europe, being used both in the world of conventional medicine and in aesthetic medicine.

     It is based on the placement of intradermal injections; through these drugs are placed in the mesoderm. Its basic principle consists of: a little, a few times and in the right place. This is due to the skin’s ability to modulate and amplify the effects of the drugs used.

     The discovery of this therapy was made by Dr. Michel Pistor. He has used it in areas such as sports traumatology, infectious diseases, rheumatology … This technique can be very helpful in problems of the musculoskeletal system such as arthritis, osteoarthritis. , osteoporosis, tendinitis, etc.

     Mesotherapy is widely used today in aesthetics, but its use is still widespread and widely used to treat cellulite and eliminate localized fats. Accompanied by a balanced diet, both problems can be solved thanks to this technique. In addition, scars, falls, stretch marks, facial aging, etc. can also be treated.

     Unlike other techniques, such as liposuction, it is very minimally invasive. No pre-preparation time and no recovery time after treatment is required.

     In this article I will tell you some advantages of this therapy. These are:

  • It is a very good method of reducing localized fats that are so difficult for us to eliminate.
  • With the help of mesotherapy you can keep your body areas firm. It also helps to delay aging.
  • By helping to eliminate localized fat, it is an ideal method to improve the thighs, buttocks and hips, areas where excess fat is common.
  • Blood circulation will be much better
  • Being a method with which the positive effects are perceived after a few sessions is another advantage of body mesotherapy.
  • And last but not least, people need to know that it is a totally painless method.

     Any precautionary measures to be taken will in any case be the responsibility of the physician in charge of the application of the body mesotherapy technique. If observing the patient and preparing an appropriate medical diagnosis, it will be decided which technique is most appropriate.

     Dr. Daniel Cuadra says that this therapy should be avoided if there are severe dermatological problems, such as hemorrhagic ulcers, dermatitis or allergies.